Personal, individual and memorable ceremonies

If you want a bespoke and personal ceremony which reflects who you are then Circle of Life East Anglia are who you need.  I write and conduct ceremonies for Marriage, Civil Partnership or Renewal of Vows, working closely with you to achieve the ceremony of your dreams.

Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremonies

There are several additional options you may consider to incorporate within your ceremony such as hand-fasting which dates back centuries, ‘jumping the broom’ or lighting a unity candle are to name but a few. As you make your choices through the development of your ceremony script, I can guide and advise you of the variety of options available to you. You can even have your beloved family pet(s) attend – we have had ring-bearing dogs and owls at ceremonies before now and brides arriving on their horse!

Your ceremony is a reflection of you both and as such you are in control of how you want your day to proceed and be remembered for . Why settle for being told what you can say, where it will be held and what you can and can’t do? My ceremonies have been held on several forms of transport, from canal boats to double-decker buses, on beaches and in woods, festivals, vintage weekends as well as in private homes and beautiful gardens.  You can hold your ceremony at any time of day that suits you, without any of the usual restrictions. This is your ceremony and I work with you to achieve your dream.

Your wishes can be met and tailored to exactly how you want it to be rather than being bound by the restrictive, pre-determined script of a ceremony in a register office, church or at an approved venue.

For a Civil Partnership or Wedding ceremony you will need to complete the legal formalities. This is usually conducted at your local Register Office. As a former Registrar for a Local Authority I can guide you both to ensure you fulfil your legal obligations before leaving you to have your dream ceremony.

I must re-iterate that you are in control of your ceremony. I am here to guide you to ensure everything is just how you imagined it to be. My role is to provide you with my knowledge and experience as your ideas come to fruition.  This includes guiding you with your personal vows to each other, or I can write everything for you.  The outcome will be a ceremony script totally personal to you both.

Some couples say to me they are unsure of the ‘2 part’ option eg legal part first then their ceremony. I understand this and say to them, “for your birthday do you celebrate the day you were born (the big event) or the day your birth was registered?” this helps clarify and dispel any concerns.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of vows are a celebratory way of recognising milestone anniversaries. Perhaps your wedding day was a quiet affair and now you want to have the ceremony you’ve always wanted? Well, life’s to short for regrets – let’s do it!!

They are also a great way of including friends and family unable to travel abroad for your overseas wedding. What a great opportunity to wear your outfits a second time around! Whatever the occasion, I am here to help you create your dream ceremony.

Whatever you choose, remember – the only boundaries are your imagination!!