Baby Naming

Welcoming bundles of joy into the family!

Naming Ceremonies are a families chance to  welcome a new baby or newly adopted member or step-children into the family circle and friends.

Whether you are religious or not, naming’s can be as formal or informal as you want. As an Independent Celebrant I am not a Humanist and therefore I can include a religious reading if you wish or the ceremony can be totally religion free. The choice is yours. The location is your choice from your home or garden, a local village hall, a  function room in a hotel or a place that is special to your family. How about a family get together whilst camping or caravanning for example?

An alternative to baptism, the significance of choosing nominated adults/guardians to make a commitment to support you as a parent and to help nurture the future development of your child as they progress through life is complimentary both to you in your choice and to the adult/guardian in having the honour of being chosen.

 You can still use the word ‘Godparent’ for these roles but you can also use other terms such as Supporter or Guardian. The choice is yours.

As with all other ceremonies I create and conduct, you are in control of how the Naming Ceremony will run. I am here to guide you and fulfil your hopes and dreams, including the possibility of planting a tree. How wonderful to watch the tree grow as your child grows. Each laying down their roots as they grow and bloom into adulthood. There are no restrictions or limitations on how you envisage your ceremony to be. You can choose the location, music and poems etc.

Sue and Circle of Life East Anglia can help you create exactly what you want by providing a friendly and personal service.